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Our story

„Dogs are not our whole world, but they make our world whole.“ Roger Caras
We are a small family kennel, specializing in breeding bullmastiff of the highest quality. My name is Marko Grujić, a master engineer in Information technology by profession. Dogs have been a part of my life since birth.


My love for dogs was instilled from early childhood. It was sparked by my father, a successful dog breeder. Interest in this breed has been around for a long time, but the lack of time affected the prolongation of the procurement of representatives of this breed. We got our first bullmastiff in 2017, and our era began.

The idea of establishing a kennel

We had our first litter in 2019, which was also a turning point for our further development as breeders of this wonderful breed.

The litter of puppies produced by our female Lea and male Nahuel was exceptional. I am particularly proud of Hector, a male who achieved notable results at Shows in Russia. Additionally, I would like to draw attention to Helena, our national beauty champion and the pillar of our breeding program.

By mid-2020. we were register the kennel with the FCI under the name Bullheaven’s. The idea for the name was inspired by several motives. It is our dogs environment that is first and foremost. Our joking term for the area where they spend most of their time during the day is “heavenly garden”. The second is the prefix of the breed name “BULL”. By combining these two words – bull and heaven – we got Bullheaven, so the dogs born in our kennel are Bullheaven’s. According to the FCI website, we didn’t find a kennel under that name, so registering a kennel by this name was not difficult.


Our plans for the next period are related to the continued improvement of the breed and dogs in our breeding. During the previous period, from our first litter until today, we showed determination to make it a practice. First of all, due to the strict selection of dogs from breeding, we don’t want to have litters solely for the sake of having them, and we are not motivated by financial gain. Each subsequent litter is planned, with a thorough analysis of breeding individuals and their bloodlines.

We continue to exhibit our dogs at domestic and foreign Shows and look forward to departures in advance. The results from the last period give us additional motivation, considering that as a small kennel, we achieved excellent results, as well as the dogs of our breeding. We are entirely transparent. The information from the Shows and the results our champions achieved you can see in the part of the website dedicated to the competition, and on our social media.

I must mention that the dog shows at various exhibitions are primarily responsible for the acquaintance of numerous breeders throughout Europe, and cooperation has been established with some of them.


The special conditions under which dogs are breeding must be considered by each new owner before getting a representative of this breed.

Our dogs are bred and live in adequate conditions for their breed. They are surrounded by the love of our family, socialized from the earliest period, in constant and in direct contact with children. We strive to preserve the character and characteristics of the breed and the dogs health comes first. All dogs in our possession are tested for diseases that can be genetically transmitted. We also make sure that their ancestors are also tested. Thus, the probability of disease transmission in the offspring is reduced. Not an easy task, true breeders know it very well.

Our kennel is also registered in the Register of Facilities for keeping animals and meets the appointed conditions for quality education. All dogs are under the supervision of experts, who guarantee the health of all our dogs.
2nd December 2017.

Lea has arrived

14th November 2019.
Nahuel & Lea

This is how it started, litter H

26th May 2020.

Enzo has arrived.

He joined from the kennel Blackface Angel.

5th August 2021.
Enzo & Hana

Litter A.

17th October 2021.
Specialty Bullmastiff Show

Our first competition on the special BM show, Mošovice 2021.

30th December 2021.

Our first competition on the EDS, Budapest 2021. 

6th May 2022.
Conan & Lena

Litter T

10th May 2022.
Enzo & Lara

Litter B

15th October 2022.
BMWC 2022.

Our first competition on the BMWC, Misano di Gera d'Adda Italija '22.

10th February 2023.
Int. CH

The first international champion in our kennel

21th June 2023.
Pike & Lena

Litter V

28th April 2024.

Our first competition on the WDS, Zagreb 2024.

Dogs in our kennel

EW'21.INT.CH Safety of Flatland Snoopy & Helena (Bullheaven's)

EW'21.INT.CH Safety of Flatland Snoopy & Helena (Bullheaven's)

INTCH Blackface Angel Enzo & Hana (Bullheavens's)

CH Nahuel Gamekeepers of Wuthering Hights & Lara


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WDS, Zagreb (CR) 28.04.2024. Our first competition at WDS. A lot of work and effort was invested...
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Bullmastiffs are strong and fearless protectors

Bullmastiffs are strong and fearless protectors of the family they live with. Due to their nature, these dogs are distrustful of strangers but attached to their owners, gentle, loyal, and docile.



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